Uncle Sam Instant Oatmeal, with Whole Wheat Flakes and Flaxseed

Excellent source of ALA omega-3 from flaxseed. Contains 400 mg of ALA per serving, which is 25% of the daily value for ALA. 100% whole grain. 0 g sugars. High fiber. Healthy mornings just got tastier. Uncle Sam Instant Oatmeal with Whole Wheat Flakes and Flaxseed is a unique blend of wholesome ingredients that gets the day off to a healthy start. We add hearty whole wheat flakes and flaxseed to whole grain rolled oats for a tasty hot cereal that is high in fiber, low fat, and has 0 g sugars per serving. Plus the flaxseed in Uncle Sam Instant Oatmeal is an excellent source of ALA omega-3 which supports cardiovascular health. And the benefits don't stop with your health. You'll love the distinctive crunch of the toasted whole wheat flakes and the rich, nutty flavor of the flaxseed. And all this goodness is ready in seconds so it's easy to start even the busiest day with a delicious bowl of Uncle Sam Instant Oatmeal. Low fat. Low saturated fat. 0 g trans fat. Low sodium. 100 Years of Good Food for Good Health: Uncle Sam cereal was created in 1908 when Lafayette Coltrin took his doctor's advice to heart by adding flaxseed to his diet. He spread the healthy seed on his whole wheat flakes and liked the combination so much he decided to package it. The name? We owe that to Mr. Coltrin's striking resemblance to Uncle Sam himself. 100 Years later, Uncle Sam cereals, bars and instant oatmeals are still a smart choice for anyone who believes that good food leads to good health. Heart healthy. Soluble fiber from oatmeal, in a low cholesterol and saturated fat diet, may reduce risk of heart disease. A serving supplies 1 g of 3 g of this fiber daily.