Two Leaves and a Bud Single Region Teas Tea Sachets, Lemon Rooibos

South African redbush herbal tea. Individually wrapped. The finest teas in the world. See the Tea: This is not your ordinary tea bag. Unlike paper tea bags, our biodegradable mug-size tea sachets hold full leaf tea, not dust. Enjoy rich, full leaf tea flavor with the handiness of a tea bag. Watch the leaves open and infuse your mug with the true flavor of loose leaf tea. Real organic lemongrass! What is Single Region Tea? Tea is like wine. Two leave and a bud uses only teas that are grown in single geographic regions using traditional growing methods. The quality of tea varies from hillside to hillside. Our experienced tasters select only the finest estates: We never blend with less expensive filler teas. The finest teas start with just the very small blossoms. The two leaves and a bud o the tea flower. We named our company for these shoots which are the essence of tea. We are based in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, just down the roads from Aspen. Snowy mornings, even in summer, are not uncommon, and we drink a lot of tea. Because we could not find a great tea bag, we founded two leaves and a bud to steep our own. Cheers! Lemon Rooibos Flavor Profile: Top Note: Slightly tangy; Middle Note: Smooth and rich; Finish: Sweet citrus. Character: Rooibos, or Redbush Tea, is a great caffeine-free alternative. Our Organic Rooibos brews up rich and lemony with just a hint of lemongrass tang. Rooibos is also high in anti-oxidants and trace minerals. Leaf Style: Finest feathery rooibos leaves. Caffeine: Nope. (Herbal) Origin: South Africa. Elevation: Hill grown. Best For: All day. Packed in China.