Thai Pavillion Stir-Fry, Sweet & Tangy Citrus

Stir-fry rice noodles with sauce. True Thai food. Ready in 3 minutes. Authentic. Imported. All natural. Gluten-free. This stir-fry sauce provides a wonderful balance of sweet, hot and tangy citrus flavors imparted by the kaffir lime leaves. The kaffir lime looks like a common lime but with a knobby skin. Its fresh leaves add a wonderfully pungent lemony-lime flavor and are used in many dishes. Our delicate stir-fry rice noodles are easy to use, and ideal In texture and flavor when prepared in a wok or skillet with stir-fry sauce and meat, chicken, or seafood. That Pavilion noodles and sauce can also be prepared with no additional ingredients as an exceptionally tasty quick meal. Medium. Product of Thailand.