Terra Kettles Potato Chips, Sea Salt

White, russet & blue potato chips. No trans fat. 40% less fat as compared to other leading brands of potato chips. Terra White, Russet & Blue Kettles Brand contain 6 g of fat per serving compared to 10 g in other leading brands of potato chips. Terra Chips is proudly defined by a tradition of premium quality chips - a tradition that has combined masterful combination of unique vegetables with a variety of fabulous flavors. Each batch of Terra Kettle Krinkle Cut Blend begins with a tantalizing trio of premium, delicious potatoes: White, Russet & Blue Potatoes. Sliced into hearty cuts of crispy ridges and valleys, these crinkle cut chips feature a cornucopia of complementing flavors inside every bag. You'll experience a delightful taste that has 40% less fat than other leading brands of potato chips. All-natural and containing no artificial colors, flavor, preservatives or trans fat, each hearty slice is kettle cooked in expeller pressed oil and salted to perfection for a most satisfying snack. Made in the USA.