Terra Kettles Potato Chips, Krinkle Cut, Sea Salt & Vinegar

No trans fat. Terra Chips is proudly defined by a tradition of premium quality chips - a tradition that has combined masterful combinations of unique vegetables with a variety of fabulous flavors. Always, the result is genuinely gourmet, giving Terra a distinction of class previously unassociated with such snacks and side dishes. Now, Terra's tradition transcends taste and introduces texture with our line of crispy and delicious Terra Kettles Krinkle Cut potato chips. Each batch begins with premium, delicious potatoes. They are sliced into hearty cuts of crispy ridges and valleys, kettle cooked in expeller pressed oil for a most satisfying snack. Our Sea Salt & Vinegar Terra Kettles Krinkle Cut Potato Chips are perfectly seasoned with sea salt and vinegar, and a touch of onion and garlic, for a robust taste sensation. All natural and containing no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or trans fat, Terra takes pride in the terrific taste that accompanies every bite of our Terra Kettles Krinkle Cut Potato Chips. Made in the USA.