St Dalfour Gourmet Cooking with French Herbs

Made with rosemary, thyme, garlic, black pepper. A special recipe to add at the last minute of cooking. 100% Natural ingredients. For beef, lamb & veal. There are four reasons this recipe is extraordinary: 1. Permits the enjoyment of French herbs at anytime. Herbs are very difficult to use in the kitchen because they oxidize so quickly. The extra virgin olive oil encases the herbs and prevents the oxidation. 2. An exceptional mix of herbs: There is no need to fuss in the kitchen to get the right taste. The St. Dalfour chefs have made the perfect blend of herbs. 3. Easy to Use: Add at the last minute of Cooking: When the food is hot, it quickly absorbs the wonderful, natural taste of the herbs. 4. Only a little is needed: When the herbs are stirred throughout the olive oil their impact on food is quite intense. Product of France.