Solea Olive Oil Potato Chips, Parmesan

All natural. Fresh russet potatoes, parmesan, olive oil & sea salt. 0 Grams trans fat: 40% Less fat than regular potato chips (Other leading brand of potato chips = 10 g fat per serving. Solea Olive Oil Potato Chips = 6 g fat per serving.). Gourmet show: No. 1 award outstanding new bestseller. Solea, which means the perfect fusion of sun and sea, is inspired by Mediterranean tradition - we use only the finest all-natural ingredients in crafting our Olive Oil Potato Chips, resulting in a well-balanced union of fresh select potatoes, premium olive oil and sea salt. Solea blends the evocative tastes of the region with traditional culinary methods. Unlike ordinary potato chips, Solea Olive Oil Potato Chips are specially cooked at lower temperatures, preserving the integrity of the olive oil and allowing the natural flavors to flourish. Our potato chips have 40% Less fat than other leading brands of chips. There are no tans-fats or hydrogenated oils used in our process, so the abundant health benefits of olive oil are preserved. Rich in anti-oxidants and unsaturated oils, olive oil contains both ometga-3 and omega-6 oils. Solea Olive Oil Potato Chips. Why settle for the ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary? Made in the USA.