Gortons Fish Sticks

Made from minced fish fillets. Our classic crunchy favorite. 120 mg of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids per serving. Trusted since 1849. 100% real fish no fillers. Wild caught. Natural omega-3. Quality you can trust. 100% Real Fish: Wild-caught Pollock, a mild, flaky white fish. Real Simple: No fillers, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives or hydrogenated oils, and tested mercury safe. Real delicious! The Gorton's fisherman. Trusted Catch. Sourced responsibly. USDA dietary guidelines recommended seafood twice a week. (Typical serving is 4 oz cooked). No one makes it easier to enjoy great-tasting seafood than Gorton's! Real fish, simple ingredients. 100% wild-caught pollock. Breadcrumb coating. Vegetable oil. Although great care is taken to remove bones, some may remain. www.gortons.com. Facebook.com/gortonsseafood. Learn more at gortons.com/sustainability. Find easy recipes & special offers on Gortons.com or facebook.com/gortonsseafood. Questions? Comments? We value your feedback. Call 1-800-222-6846 (Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM ET) or visit www.gortons.com (Please save this package for reference). Try unbeatably fresh-tasting fish sticks and fillets! Beer battered; crunchy breaded. Reclosable zipper!