Pritikin Soup, Vegetarian Vegetable

All natural. Pritikin the name to trust in nutrition. Reduced sodium 63% less than the leading brand. Heartier flavor. 100% Fat free. Made with whole grain pasta. The story of Pritikin Soups - In the 1950's, after my husband Nathan Pritikin developed heart disease, I started cooking low fat, low sodium foods for my family based on Nathan's then novel dietary approach for better health. In 1974, Nathan set out to test his low fat, low sodium diet in a clinical research trial at the local VA hospital, using soups adapted from my mother's Old World recipes that prepared in our family kitchen. The publicity from this only made Nathan Pritikin a household name. Today, you can enjoy these same time tested soups, made with wholesome, all natural ingredients and under the watchful care of the Pritikin family. We think you'll agree our soups have never tasted Better! This soup has 290 mg of sodium per serving compared to 790 mg of sodium per serving for the leading brand.