Oliovita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Cold Pressed

Grove bottled. taste all our flavors. Rich & Robust. Great for meat, soup, sauce, grill, baste, drizzle or dip. Full flavored, bold and peppery; to add spice. Direct from the olive tree to your table. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first cold pressed directly from fresh olives. Within 24 hours our experts capture nature's best in this bottle you'll find the taste, aroma and nutrients (e.g., Vitamin E, antioxidants) of about 900 carefully selected olives (approx 6.6 lb/3 kg). Nothing is lost in additional refining! The olive groves benefit from the Andes Mountains protection, pure water and Argentina's abundant virgin soils and ideal microclimate. Because we know Olives - the best nature has to offer direct from the tree to your table. Oliovita's extra virgin range of exceptional flavors. Enjoy your taste in good health! Because we know olives. Like firs twine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavors differ. Let your own taste be your guide. Product of Argentina.