Olde Cape Cod Crackers, Crispy, Squares

Trans fat free. Hearty. Exclusively baked by Westminster Crackers. Established 1828. The restaurant crackers you love. The oven-baked all-purpose crackers that make you say: I love these crispy crackers! Crisp, firm, flavorful and flaky, you're sure to love the authentic taste of Olde Cape Cod Squares. Wonderfully crisp! Baked to absolute perfection, the delicate flavor is the ideal companion for chili, soups, dips and veggies, and the ever-favorite peanut butter and jelly. Thank you for choosing this all-American favorite: Olde Cape Cod Square Crackers! All natural, no preservatives, no cholesterol, no sugar, no hydrogenated oil, low in fat, low in salt, trans fat free. Made in USA.