Mrs Mays Slow Dry-Roasted Snack, Sunflower Crunch, Original

All natural. This is a gluten free food. Dairy free. Cholesterol free. Vegan. Wheat free. No preservatives. Celiac Spruce Association. At Mrs. May's we're mostly nuts! The good kind. Almonds. Pecans. Cashews. Walnuts. They're slowly dry roasted, given a dash of sea salt and brushed with sweetness for a world class crunch. We care about what we put in our mouths - yours, too. We use only premium-grade, wholesome ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors. And we believe in free as in cholesterol-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and gluten free. We put plenty of natural goodness in our light and crunchy snacks. But mostly, we're nuts.