Perdue Seasoned Chicken Burgers, Savory Chicken

4 Quarter pound chicken burgers. 63% Less fat than ground beef. (Product contains 11 g fat vs. 30 g fat per 4 oz serving). 26% Less fat than the leading frozen turkey burger. (Product contains 11 g fat vs, 15 g per 4 oz serving). Ready to cook. No MSG. From freezer to plate in 15 minutes! Our chicken burgers offer a new twist on an old favorite! We start with fresh Perdue chicken meat, which is coarsely ground and then blended with special seasonings to produce four homestyle flavor selections: Char-gill beef flavor, savory chicken, broccoli & mushroom and spicy vegetable. You can also look for our new char-grill flavor seasoned turkey burgers. Each quarter-pound burger has a homemade look and doesn't fall apart during cooking. Our burgers will remain lighter in color and texture than beef burgers, and offer lower fat than ground beef. Made without MSG, the meat retains a more tender, natural bite and is suitable as a traditional burger or dinner entree. Perdue seasoned chicken burgers are the lower fat alternative to the traditional beef burger with at least 63% less fat than USDA data for ground beef. Ezy-split feature for easy separation.