McCanns Irish Oatbran

Imported. Hot cereal. What is oatbran? The grain of oats consists of two parts, the groat and the husk. The husk is inedible and removed during the milling process. The groat is edible and consists of the starch, germ, and outer layer which is the Oat Bran. Dietary fiber: There are two types of dietary fiber in Oat Bran, soluble and insoluble. McCann's Oat Bran can help maximize your intake of soluble fiber. Use it to make a tasty hot cereal or sprinkle it on other cereals and muesli. Diets low in saturate fat and cholesterol and rich in fruits, vegetable and grain products that contain some type of dietary fiber, particularly soluble fiber, may reduce the risk of heart disease, a disease associated with many factors. Product of Ireland.