Lesser Evil Kettle Corn, Peanut Butter & Choco

Up your Mojo with peanut butter and coco! No trans-fatty acids. Low fat. All natural kettle corn. LesserStory: Fending off one Snackcident at a time. Simply put, we got fed up. After years of being forced to choose either junk food or healthier snacks that were bland and unsatisfying, we decided it was time to put a stop to bad snacking, or as we like to say, to prevent Snackcidents! So our mission began in a kitchen putting together simple, natural foods with fantastic flavors and avoiding things like preservatives, trans-fatty acids, artificial flavors, and high fructose corn syrup. And, of course, we had to make this stuff fun! Why LesserEvil? Well, let's be honest, we're not talking carrots and broccoli here. But we are talking about natural, real foods with nothing artificial (nada! zip! zero!). And while we might not be a true health food, we are the LesserEvil choice to those junky and bland Snackcidents. So enjoy! LesserExplanation: So what makes Peanut Butter & Choco Sinfully Better? This was no freaky accident where some guy tripped over a bucket and spilled his chocolate kettle corn into an unsuspecting young woman's peanut butter kettle corn. Nope. This wickedly delicious combo was 100% intentional. When our friend Steve casually suggested mixing these two flavors together our eyes lit up and our stomachs began to rumble. Crunchy, creamy, chocolaty - and low fat to boot! Accident? I don't think so. No artificial flavors. Gluten free. Low fat. Whole grain. No corn syrup. No preservatives. No trans-fatty acids.