Immaculate Kids Cookies, Choca Doodle Doos, Organic, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

Cookies with a cause. Low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Chewy, chunky goodness! A Better Cookie for Kids!: 100% Organic (Better for you & the planet); Low in fat & saturated fat; No transfats & no GMOs (Never have, never will); Pure and simple ingredients (No hunkahydroxapolyfakes!); SB-19 Compliant (SB-19 is a bill passed in California that limits the amount of fat and sugar in foods served by their school system.). Choca Doodle Doos: Classic chocolate chip cookies with a twist, Choca Doodle Doos combine super-gooey chunks of rich chocolate with fresh rolled oats. The result is a super-chocolatey, totally-oaty treat made with simple organic ingredients and baked from scratch just like you would in your own kitchen! Made in the USA.