Utz Baked Potato Crisps Original

Utz® Original Baked Potato Crisps. Guaranteed fresh. Until printed date. Snacking smart. 1.5g fat. 0g trans fat. 0g saturated fat. Utz® of Hanover. We all love snacking, but it's important to make smart choices when deciding what and how much to eat. That's why we've developed a product line that provides you with snacking smart options to fit your healthy lifestyle. This product in particular is better for you because it has 1.5g of fat per serving, 0g trans fat and 0g saturated fat. Be sure to look for other tasty products in our snacking smart family. Light on fat. Heavy on flavor. Enjoy the great taste of baked Utz in an incredibly light, crunchy crisp. It's the same great Utz flavor you love with just 1.5 grams of fat per serving. Snacking smart never tasted so good. We unconditionally guarantee all UTZ products. If you are ever dissatisfied, return the unused portion to the store where purchased for a full refund or satisfactory replacement, or write to 900 High Street, Hanover, PA, 17331. Please include the name of the store where purchased, the price/code mark on the front of this package, and the reason for dissatisfaction. This is a gluten free food. Member. Snack Food Association. An international trade association. 1-800-FOR-SNAX. www.utzsnacks.com.