Orbit Sugarfree Gum Bubblemint - 3 PK

Wrigley's Orbit® Bubblemint Sugarfree Gum. Artificially flavored. More gum means more of that just brushed clean feeling. The ADA council on scientific affairs, acceptance of Wrigly's Orbit sugar free gum is based on its finding that the physical action of chewing Wrigley's orbit sugar free gum for 20 minutes after eating stimulates saliva flow, which helps to prevent cavities by reducing plaque acids and strengthening teeth. ADA accepted. 40% fewer calories than sugared gum. Calorie content of this size piece has been reduced from 5 to 3 calories. Produced with genetic engineering. Questions Comments Call 1-800-WRIGLEY. (1-800-974-4539).