Flora Taralli, Cheese

spll chck Non GMO Project verified. Savory snack. Love knots. All natural. Oven baked. Imported: 100% Italian. If its Italian - it's Flora. Mr. John Flora a native of Apulia Italy, began importing products in 1975 with the desire to share the true taste of Italy with everyone. Mr. Flora having experienced and enjoyed Mediterranean foods his entire life. Captivated by their healthy recipes and convinced of their wholesomeness, now introduces a selective Italian wheat grown in the fertile soil of Apulia. Enjoy one of our many Italian products from pasta to olive oil. And experience the true taste of Italy. A traditional Italian snack food, common all over the Southern half of the Italian peninsula. It is considered a cracker, similar in texture to a bread stick. It is often eaten while sipping wine as well as soups and salads. Following the traditions of their origin, Flora Taralli are briefly boiled before they are baked gives them their unique texture. www.florafoods.com. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Enjoy all flavors! Pepper, Fennel, Pizza, Garlic, Cheese, Olive Oil,Green Olives.