Carr's Cracker Collection 7.05 oz

A distinctive collection of 9 unique crackers. City of Carlisle Carr's Biscuit Manufacturers since 1831. Enjoy the refined taste of Carr's; a tradition that began in 1831 when Jonathan Carr established a small bakery in Carlisle, England. The business thrived and 10 years later was granted Queen Victoria's Royal Warrant. So make your next social gathering something special with the simple elegance of Carr's Entertainment Cracker collection. English Wafer: A classic British cracker. Small Wheat: A slightly sweet, baked, wheat cracker. Oblong Water: Uniquely-shaped, traditional topping cracker. Oyster Cracker: A delicate classic. Choice Grain: Delicious select grains make this an entertainment favorite. Hearty Wheat: Slightly sweet and deliciously crumbly. Cream Cracker: A crisp favorite with a smooth texture. Table Water: The mild-flavored, traditional topping cracker. Carlton Selects: A visual treat that's perfect for all occasions. Visit for information on recipes and products. Circumstances may cause us to vary the assortment from that illustrated. Made in England.