Waffle Works Waffle Sandwich Snacks, Jalapeno Cheddar Flavored, Toasted Corn

One hot combination - cheddar jalapeno filling in a toasted corn waffle! Here at Waffle Works we go by a simple rule of thumb: if it tastes good, it'll taste even better between two waffles. Take our Cheddar Jalapeno Waffle Snacks - creamy sharp cheddar filling with a pinch of spicy jalapeno, sandwich between two toasted corn waffle crisps. That's a zesty combination. Freshness guaranteed until printed date. 1-800-523-5030 Call weekdays 9 am to 5 pm EST or visit www.herrs.com. Send Herr's anywhere: www.herrs.com. Reg. Penna. Dept. of Agr. Find us on: Facebook.com/herrs.