Lucy's Brownie Crisp Triple Chocolate

Gluten-free. Made without milk, eggs or nuts. Baking Life Better™. Luck's®. Brownie Crisp™. Triple chocolate. 72% dark chocolate chunks. Madagascar & vanilla. 100 calories per serving. Made with Lucy's Blend™, unique flour blend for better taste. GF®, certified gluten-free. Certified Vegan, Gluten-free. Dear friends, triple chocolate Brownie Crisp™ is a symphony of deep, rich chocolate flavor with a satisfying crisp snap. And notice-only 100 calories for three crisps! Enjoy! Made with premium ingredients. 72% dark chocolate chunks. 46% dark chocolate chips. Organic Madagascar vanilla. Organic sugar. Expeller pressed oils. Our gluten-free flour blend yields the ideal texture & flavor. Serving contains 1/40 cup gluten free oats. 2014©All rights reserved. Virginia's First. All our products are certified gluten-free, vegan & kosher. There is no use of genetically modified ingredients in this product.