Fine dark chocolate biscuits with chopped hazelnuts. No colourings and no preservatives. 60% Cocoa in the dark chocolate. Noblest patisserie specialties made for a refined pleasure. Loacker, pure goodness ! Pure goodness from the heart of the alps. Dark-hazelnut. Darkly seductive. The intense, bittersweetness of the finest extra dark chocolate leads you to delicious pieces of roasted hazelnut, impossibly thin, crispy wafers, and the rich, velvety dark chocolate cream. Once tasted, seduced. Delicious chocolate cream filled wafer biscuits with chopped hazelnuts and coated with fine dark chocolate (47% cream filling). www.loacker.it. 1-39054 Unterinn/ Auna di sotto/ BZ/ South Tyrol/ italy. www.loacker.it. Dispose of properly. Product of Italy.