Flora Biscotti Pistachio

Oven baked. Certified 100% Italian. Premium quality. The history of these pistachio biscotti starts at the beginning of the last century in the Abruzzo region in Italy when the farmers began to bake and eat them. It was usual during the most important periods of the year to dip special chocolate biscuits called Li Biscutt tajate a man (which means the hand cut biscuits) into hot wine. Nowadays they are very well known as Biscotti. This tradition was handed down to us from the old recipes of our grandmothers. If it's Italian, It's Flora. All natural. No preservatives. www.FloraFoods.com. Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram. (at)florafinefoods. Try Our Other Delicious Flavors: Cappuccino, Almonds, Cranberry and Chocolate. Dispose of properly. Product of Italy. Imported from Italy.