Elenis New York Cookies, Chocolate Chip

All natural classic chocolate chip. Nut free. As homemade as it gets. We are a nut free bakery. Elenis.com. We chose this packaging to keep our cookies fresh and crisp. Please recycle it in a thoughtful way. How it Started: Elenis Gianopulos moved to New York City to fulfill her dream of becoming a dessertrepreneur. Starting with her mother's oatmeal cookie recipe, the business quickly outgrew her home and evolved into a full-fledged cookie empire. Since 1997, Eleni's New York has been changing the dessert world one cookie at a time. Visit Eleni's flagship store in Manhattan's iconic Chelsea Market or shop the entire collection online at elenis.com, and discover why fans nationwide covet our Conversation Cookies. Dessert is meant to be shared. Facebook: Elenisnewyork. Twitter: (at)Eleniscookies. Pinterest: Eleniscookies. Instagram: (at)Eleniscookies. Cookie Concierge: 888-4-Elenis. www.Elenis.com. Visit Our Store: The Chelsea Market 75 Ninth Avenue New York City. Playfully unique cookies. Shop at Elenis.com. Made in USA.