SKINNY COW Creamy Iced Coffee Mocha Latte Flavor 4-count of 8 oz Bottles

Skinny Cow brings a deliciously indulgent yet sensible way to enjoy iced coffee. Rich, expertly roasted coffee is whipped in creamy milk to deliver a thick and indulgent smooth coffee beverage. Make the most of the moment with this Mocha Flavored Latte. This rich, chocolatey iced coffee drink will give a luscious lift to coffee cravers. At 120 calories per bottle, it's insanely delicious and ridiculously sensible! Mocha Latte Flavor with other natural flavors; Rich and creamy texture. Pack of 4. 120 calories per bottle. No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners; Kosher Dairy. 75 mg Caffeine.