Sacla Pasta Sauce, Pesto Rosso

Sundried tomato pesto. Italian basil and cheese. Pesto comes from Pestare meaning to pound. This sauce is made of basil leaves, garlic, crumbly Italian DOP cheese, nuts and flavorful oil. This delicious regional sauce made in Italy by Italians - is full of intense flavors. From our table to yours - Buon Appetito! Since 1939. For more than 75 years, my family's pursuit of crafting the perfect Italian pasta sauces using only Italy's finest ingredients is what has set the Sacla brand apart. We've never wavered on the principles that have made us who we are from the very beginning. Today, the Sacla brand continues to transform the sun-ripened Italian cherry tomatoes and vegetables into extraordinary experiences, bite by bite. - Chiara Ercole, Chairman. Non GMO. Imported from Italy.