Pure Wesson Corn Oil 100% Natural

Pure Wesson100% Natural Corn Oil. 100% natural. 0g trans fat per serving. No preservatives. Cholesterol free. See nutrition information for fat content. Corn oil is a cholesterol-free food with 14 grams total fat per serving. 64 fl oz (2 qts) 1.89 L. The ideal oil for crisp tender fried foods. Pure Wesson 100% natural corn oil is the best oil to ensure a crispy coating on your fried foods while retaining moistness on the inside. Wesson corn oil brings out a natural rich flavor in fried foods and in flavorful ethnic dishes. Questions or comments, call Mon.-Fri., 9:00 AM-7:00 PM (CST), 1-800-582-7809 (except national holidays). Please have entire package available when you call so we may gather information off the label. ConAgra Foods. www.conagrafoods.com.