Poland Spring 100% Natural Spring Water - 24 CT

Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water. 24 .5 liter. 100% natural spring water. Proudly from Maine. EST 1845. Made for the northeast. 24-16.9 fl oz (1 pt, 0.9 fl oz) (500ml) plastic bottles. (405.6 fl oz [3 gal, 1 pt, 5.6 fl oz] [12 L] total). Sustainably sourced from local Maine springs. Dallas plantation. Kingfield. Poland spring. Denmark. Hollis. These are some of our spring locations. For a full list of our carefully selected springs, visit us at polandspring.com. Please recycle. Our bottles & shrink wrap are 100% recyclable*. *Excludes label & cap: recycling programs may not exist in your area. Share your ideas: 1-800-477-7464 or visit polandspring.com. ©2016. For non-deposit use only.