Pirouline Chocolate Lined Wafers - 10 CT

Pirouline® Chocolate Lined Wafers. Chocolate lined artisan rolled wafers. Whether you are sitting back and relaxing by yourself, spending time with close friends or simply on the run, your Pirouline is the perfect way to transport you to your destination and "indulge in the swirl of life™". A delicious chocolate lining the inside of our crispy Pirouline wafer sealed with our signature swirl, delicious enough to eat, playful enough to drink through, and with only 60 calories per serving, perfect for the whole family! Since 1860. Make Pirouline (peer-o-lean) a tradition in your home. Since 1860, the DeBeukelaer family has been baking premium Belgian biscuits and wafers. Pirouline is the only national brand of rolled wafers actually made in America. The line around our cylindrical cookie is a registered trademark of DBC Corp. (DeBeukelaer Corporation). 601-856-7454 or visit our website at www.pirouline.com. Peter DeBeukelaer PB®. The Pirouline promise: Our quality assurance team promises delicious and consistent taste every time. Email comments to swirlmaster@pirouline.com. www.pirouline.com. All rights reserved.