Pearls® Specialties® Jalapeno Stuffed Queen Olives 7 oz. Jar

Fun at your fingertips! Glass recycles. Olives have been an essential part the Mediterranean diet for over 4,500 years. For our premium line of imported specialties olives, we work with the finest traditional olive farmers to select the very best fruit of their harvest so you know you are enjoying the plumpest, most succulent olives in the world. Our queen olives are hand-picked, hand-stuffed with spicy pickled jalapeno, then carefully placed in jars. This special hand-picking process results in firm, richly flavored olives. Include our jalapeno stuffed olives on salads, sandwiches or in a cocktail for a bold kick of flavor. These sassy olives also add punch to any party platter and are perfect when paired with a creamy monterey jack Facebook. Guaranteed quality. Please provide code from jar with product correspondence. Call 866-9-Olives M-F 8-5 PT. Product of Greece.