Ronz Cauliflwr Penne

Vegan. Certified Gluten-free. Free of 8 Major Allergens: Wheat; Eggs; Tree Nuts; Milk; Peanuts; Fish; Shellfish. Free of soybeans. Since 1915. New. Cauliflower = Nutty flavor. Rice flour = Gluten free. Fava = Plant-based. A delicious punch of cauliflower, fava beans and rice flour adds a new twist to your favorite recipes while keeping it real. Ronzoni pasta has been trusted for generations to bring your family pasta that is simply delicious. As long as families gather around the dinner table, we will continue to make pasta from high quality ingredients. We freaking love pasta. Questions or comments, visit our website or call 1-800-730-5957. Visit to be inspired by delicious recipes and more! Try our other delicious lifestyle pasta products. Ronzoni Gluten Free; Ronzoni SuperGreens; Ronzoni Organic.