Delverde Fusilli Whole Wheat Organic

Produced with pure, natural spring water. Slowly dried the old fashioned way. Pasta made of Semolina. Enriched macaroni product. Delverde. The natural choice. Delverde pasta is produced in Fara San Martino, a picturesque village in beautiful Majella National Park, located in the Abruzzo region of Italy. the secret to Delverde's goodness and unique taste lies in the centuries- old regional tradition of pasta making and the natural quality of its ingredients. Made with pure natural wheat semolina from the Puglia plains, Delverde pasta is still produced the old- fashioned way. The pasta is dried slowly at low temperature to fully maintain all of the wheat's nutritional value and all of its genuine natural taste. Delverde premium quality pasta cooks perfectly al dente while maintaining a rich, fragrant taste that demanding pasta lovers expect. In keeping with its respect for nature and regional pasta making traditions, Delverde has created a modern, light and distinctive cuisine. Thanks to these qualities, the world's best chefs recommend Delverde pasta. Made in Majella National Park, Italy.