Osem Crouton, Mediterranean, Caesar

0 grams trans fat. Osem Croutons are crunchy, toasted and flavorful! As not all croutons are created equal, what's the secret of OSEM Croutons' distinctive taste and crunch? What makes them great in any salad, or just for snacking? OSEM Croutons are made from specially formulated dough that enables these croutons to retain their crispness and zest. When you use these croutons on a salad, or just plain snacking, you are ready for an extraordinary experience. Try our other delicious and unique assortment of OSEM Crouton varieties: Onion & Garlic, Herbs, Dill, Tri-color, Garlic & Paprika. GMP: Good Manufacturing Products: Ministry of Health Permition. Product of Israel.