Organic Coffee Coffee 12 oz

A bright and flavorful blend of the finest Central and South America coffees. A perfect way to start the morning. USDA organic. A Rogers Family company. Grown for Good: people environment quality wildlife. Taste the Difference: In addition to paying our farmers a fair price and guaranteeing them a profit, our Community Aid Program provides housing, sanitary facilities, schools, day care centers, community kitchens, and medical clinics. We provide funds for teachers and doctors, meals, and nutritional programs for children. Make a Difference: Our unique Community Aid Program - called Grown for Good truly makes a difference in the coffee growing communities. And because Grown for Good is supported by each product we sell throughout the country, our customers really do play a direct role in helping the people who help fill their coffee cup! A product by Rogers Family Company. Established in 1979, The Rogers Family Company strives to produce the best possible coffee - while making the world a better place at the same time. We search out the world's finest arabica varieties, from the world's best growing areas, and roast them to their fullest flavor point, using a proprietary roasting system we have developed over 30 years. The result? The richest, most flavorful coffees available - anywhere. And at a price you can afford. In addition, we work to improve the lives of everyone we work with, including the farmers and their workers, our employees, and our customers. We are proud of our coffees. Please enjoy them - from our family to yours.