Mikee Teriyaki Sauce, Shiitake

Uniquely Divine: Mikee Shiitake Teriyaki can only be described as uniquely divine. Unique in its wonderful blend of Far Eastern flavors, and unique in its use of the shiitake mushrooms, whose medicinal properties Asians have known about for 1000's of years. Researchers have reported that the consumption of Shiitake Mushrooms lowers cholesterol by as much as 45%. In addition, shiitake mushrooms provide noteworthy health benefits for blood pressure, liver function, autoimmune diseases, allergies and a variety of other health concerns. Mikee Shiitake Teriyaki is divine in its flavor, divine in its presentation, and is divine when served with any of your favorite meat, fish, poultry, or just poured over a plate of soba noodles. Enjoy Mikee Shiitake Teriyaki for a uniquely divine gourmet experience! A culinary collision of great taste with healthful benefits. All natural. Cholesterol free. No MSG! Serving Suggestions: Use this spectacular Shiitake Teriyaki for cooking your favorite meats, fish, poultry or vegetables. Brush it on during cooking, or just warm it up and either dip it in, or pour it right on your food! Kosherfest. Winner 2007 Kosherfest new product competition - Best in show. Visit our website: www.mikee.com.