Keto. Paleo. Certified Gluten-Free. Gluten free certified by Made with organic free-range chicken bones. Simmer & sip. Why Kettle & Fire Bone Broth? Unlike a standard broth or stock, our chicken bone broth uses real bones from organic free-range certified chickens. We then slow-simmer these bones with fresh vegetables and spices for 16+ hours to extract the collagen, amino acid and proteins your body needs to thrive. It's bone broth the way your grandmother would make it: delicious ingredients, long cook times, and real bones. We've taken our chicken bone broth and added turmeric and ginger; both well known for their flavor and function. Bringing them together, we think we've created the best darn sipping broth on the market. Yours in health. - Nick & Justin, Founders, Kettle & Fire. Whole 30 approved. BPA Free. No phthalates. No bisphenol. Non-toxic plastic. TetraPak: Protects what's good. TetraPak: Tetra Recart. Please recycle.