Hydrox Cookies, Creme Filled Sandwich, Chocolate

Now made without trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. We're back. Made with real sugar. Experience America's original creme-filled cookie! The same great taste you remember. 130 calories. 12 g sugars. The Story of the Vanishing Cookie: Hydrox, the original sandwich cookie, debuted in 1908 as the signature product of Sunshine Biscuits. The cookie ruled the category until 1912 when National Biscuit, later Nabisco, created Oreo to compete with Hydrox. Over the years Hydrox was the staple item in kitchen cabinets across the US. Then, in 1999, Keebler bought Sunshine Biscuit, changed the name to Droxies, and made it sweeter. A short time later the cookie left the market. In 2008, with great fanfare, Kellogg's, which now owned Keebler and Sunshine, brought Hydrox back to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous cookie only to cease production after a few months on the market. A New Start: In 2013 Leaf Brands decided to bring back the famous Hydrox cookie exactly as you remember it, with its original ingredients including real sugar and non-hydrogenated oils. We also focused on the original flavor, making them less sweet. The Leaf Brands mission is to bring back the experiences you loved as a kid. We took a long time to make sure each Hydrox sandwich cookie you eat is just like the last one you enjoyed 20 or even 30 years ago. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed bringing them back. Remember, there's only one original sandwich cookie and Hydrox is it! www.leafbrands.com. Worldtradeneutral.com. Proudly made in the USA.