Swiffer Dusters Refills With Febreze Lavender Vanilla & Comfort - 10 CT

Swiffer Dusters Scented Disposable Dusters With Febreze Lavender Vanilla & Comfort™. 10 refills. Fresh scent. Dust-Lock Adhesive*. Traps & locks dust & allergens*. Fits both handles! Original handle. Extender handle. For wet dusting, also try Swiffer dust & shine with Febreze freshness. Good housekeeping. Since 1909. Limited warranty to consumers. Replacement or refund if defective. *Common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander & dust mite matter. Questions 1-800-214-8737. www.swiffer.com. View online instruction demonstration at www.swiffer.com. ©2012 P&G.