Green Clean Green Cleaning Cloth, Microfiber, Kitchen & Bathroom

16 x 14 in. Cleans and shines all surfaces. Without chemicals. The cleaning power of microfiber. Why Microfiber: The microscopic properties of microfiber allow it to scrub surfaces more effectively than traditional fibers without the use of harsh chemicals. Wet or dry, microfiber reaches and grabs dirt and grime, while superior absorption soaks up moisture and dries surfaces quickly. Premium Quality: All Quickie Green Cleaning microfiber cloths are produced from the highest quality yarn, and woven to very high densities - no less than 325 GSM (grams/sq. meter) for any of our cloths. Plus, our cloths are purposely tailored to clean specific surfaces, maximizing their effectiveness. The high polyester content in this cloth enhances the ability of microfiber to absorb oily liquids. Use the Microfiber Performance Grid to match up the correct cloth for your cleaning needs: Less density; Longer loop. Made in China.