Clorox Gloves, Choice, Sensitive, Latex Free, M/L

1 pair flock lined nitrile 12 inch cuff gloves. Moisturized with glycerine. A safe alternative for people with allergies to latex. Perfect for: kitchen cleaning; dishwashing; bathroom cleaning; gardening; outdoor/home repair; pet care. Featuring antimicrobial protection of the glove. Clorox - committed to helping you achieve a cleaner and healthier home. Clorox Sensitive Choice Gloves Feature: Latex free nitrile. A safe alternative for people with allergies to latex. Moisturizing with glycerine helping hands stay fresh and soft. Provides excellent fingertip test for secure grip. Clorox Sensitive Choice Gloves also feature antimicrobial protection on the outside lining of the glove to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the glove surface. The antimicrobial materials are built into the glove during the manufacturing process to provide continuous protection. The Evercare Company, Alpharetta, GA 30005 doing business as The oneCare Company. Questions? Call 1-800-320-8045. Made in Malaysia.