Eco Forest Bonfire, Light 'n Go

Light 'n Go® Bonfire™ All Natural Portable Birch Log. Indoor. Outdoor. It's firewood...only Easier™! Lights with one match! Eco Forest®. 0.3 cu ft/520 cu in/8.5 L/8.5 dm3. 1.5 HR approximate burn time. All natural/safe for cooking. Clean burn for indoor use. Perfect for all seasons. Great for: Beach or tailgate parties. Indoor fireplaces. Outdoor fire pits. Safe for cooking. Camping. New York approved heat treated firewood/pest free. State of Florida: Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 1911, S.W. 34th St./P.O. Box 147100, Gainesville, FL 32614-7100. Firewood and unprocessed wood products certificate. Section 581.031F.S./Rule 5B-65. DPI FW 2010-05. This is to certify that all regulated articles have been treated to minimize the introduction or spread of serious plant pests. DACS-08459 revised 06/09. This certificate is valid unless revoked for cause. USDA permit no. P40-08-00114. Wood origin: Latvia. Please check 1-877-4NO-BURN.