Horizon Organic Milk, Reduced Fat, Organic, 2%

38% less fat than whole milk. Vitamins A & D. UHT. USDA organic. 130 calories per cup. 8 grams protein per serving. See nutrition information for fat & sat fat content. Easy open cap. No pull tab. Hooray for keeping it real! At Horizon Organic we believe food should be real instead of really complicated. That's why everything we bring you is deliciously simple and wholesome, from fresh-tasting organic milk to easy family favorites. We call it good food done right. Our Promise: we support the National Organic Program, which says no to GMOs; we raise our cows kindly and don't use growth hormones (No significant difference has been shown between milk from rBST-treated and non rBST-treated cows) or antibiotics; no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives; we do our best to source simple, recognizable ingredients. Hip! Hip! Hooray! Milk in the pantry? You bet! Our special packaging locks in fresh taste without refrigeration or preservatives. Relax! It's okay to store in the pantry. Just chill before drinking for best taste, and keep in the fridge once opened. Yum! Tastes just like organic milk should. Chill then cheers! Grade A. Fat reduced from 8 g to 5 g. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Can be stored unrefrigerated. Recyclable. Facilities may not exist in your area. We'd love to hear from you! 1-888-494-3020 or visit HorizonOrganic.com. FSC: Mix - Board from responsible sources. www.fsc.org.