Gold Bond Pain & Itch Relief Cream Multi-Symptom

Gold Bond® Pain & Itch Relief Multi-Symptom Cream. Pain & itch formula. Starts working on contact. Minor burns & cuts. Minor skin irritations. Insect bites. Sunburn. Steroid free. Numbs away pain & itch. With 4% lidocaine maximum strength. Medicated healing since 1908. Net wt 1.75 oz (49g). 4% lidocaine. Itch relief or your money back! See bottom of carton for details. Gold Bond® pain & itch relief cream with lidocaine numbs away itch and pain. This steroid free, non-irritating formula contains maximum strength lidocaine (4%) and starts working on contact. Use: For temporary relief of pain and itching associated with: Minor burns. Sunburn. Minor cuts. Scrapes. Insect bites. Minor skin irritations. Chattem®. A Sanofi Company. Keep carton as it contains important product information. Visit for offer terms and details. ©2016.