Greenwood Sliced Pickled Beets Sweet & Tangy

Greenwood Sweet & Tangy Sliced Pickled Beets. Original recipe! With onions. It began in 1937 in Brooklyn, NY when Irving Greenwood first put out his famous recipes for pickled vegetables and distributed them with his nine-truck fleet. Today, you too can enjoy Irving Greenwood's prized recipe for Sliced Pickled Beets with Onions. We start with small, tender, evenly sliced young beets, then add a time-honored secret blend of pickling spices for a truly unique sweet and tangy taste, and diced onion for added zip. We're sure you'll find Greenwood sliced pickled beets with onions are both good for you, and the best you've ever tasted perfect in you own recipes, and delectable right out of the jar. When corresponding please include code from the lid. Glass recycles.