Mikee General Tso's Sauce

Who Knows General Tso's: The true origin of General Tso's sauce is a mystery for the ages, if it wasn't so good perhaps there wouldn't be as many people wanting to claim it as their own. Some say it came from the Orient, others say it is from New York City's Famous Chinatown, either way it is loved worldwide. After years of research both in the kitchen and in the field Mikee has created this sweet, spicy and pungent sauce for you to enjoy. Try Mikee General Tso's Sauce and become the General Tso's expert in your kitchen. It's great on everything: meats, fish, poultry, and vegetables. Use your imagination and lead your troops to success! All natural. Cholesterol free. No MSG! Serving Suggestions: Use this spectacular General Tso's Sauce right out of the jar as a zesty dipping sauce. Batter dip & deep fry chicken (or for a lower fat alternative use grilled or sauteed chicken). Stir fry cooked chicken with: onions, peppers, carrots, and broccoli, then add Mikee General Tso's Sauce. Visit our website www.mikee.com.