Mikee Chinese Marinade, with Garlic

All purpose. The Story: Throughout ancient times in Asia, generation after generation continued to produce this savory sauce. Until now, the only place this ancient recipe was prepared for the enjoyment of the connoisseur was at the world famous New York City Chinatown. Through extensive research and with the diligent applications of preparation year after year we have captured this ancient taste of Chinatown in our authentic oriental sauces, which have been lasted and approved by some of Chinatown's own restaurateurs. Mikee authentic sauces have been nurtured, matured, and finally perfected. Take the flavor of Chinatown home with you. Visit our website www.mikee.com. Serving: Use this spectacular marinade on meats, poultry, fish or vegetables. Use your imagination. You'll invent some great dishes. You can use it for dipping, stir fry or for basting that roast beef or turkey. For oven, grill and tabletop use. Gluten free! Cholesterol free! Fat free! No MSG!