Stonewall Kitchen Crepe Mix 16 oz

Our Traditional Crepe Mix makes light and thin crepes for any special occasion or meal. Easy to make and prepare, simply fill with your favorite sweet or savory ingredients. For breakfast, fill the crepes with scrambled eggs and top with your favorite salsa! Or, simply fill warm crepes with your favorite Stonewall Kitchen jam and top with fresh fruit. Yum! For savory crepes, fillings can be fresh salmon, steamed asparagus or your favorite herbed cheese blend. For elegant desserts, try filling them with our Lemon Curd, fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream. Or try sauteing bananas in butter and brown sugar, fill the crepe with butter pecan ice cream and top with the bananas, incredible! Enjoy using crepes in your own recipes. We're sure you'll love making and serving them as much as we do. - Jonathan King, Jim Stott. Creating award-winning specialty foods Since 1991. Made in USA.