Sweet Home Farm® Blueberry with Flax Granola 20.5 oz. Carton

Beneficial Blueberries• Blueberries are one of the only natural foods that are truly blue in color.• July is national blueberry month because it is the peak of the harvest.• The annual harvest of North American blueberries would cover a four lane highway from Chicago to New York if spread out in a single layer.• New Jersey claims the blueberry as its official state fruit.The Dynamic Duo!At Sweet Home Farm, we've combined the power of blueberries with toasted whole grains to create a deliciously satisfying treat. Using ingredients grown and made without GMOs and NO preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, this wholesome granola can help you have a dynamic day! Save our Favorite Pollinators!We are making a contribution to fund research on honey bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). The Story of GranolaFact is stranger than fiction!In the mid-1800's, Dr. Sylvester Graham, of Graham Cracker fame, promoted his wholegrain wheat flour bread for its high nutritional value. Shortly after, Dr. James Jackson created the world's first breakfast cereal by baking the graham flour into dense wholegrain nuggets—dubbed "Granula"—that had to be soaked overnight to be edible. Enter Dr. John Harvey Kellogg who, in 1876, created his own version of granula, which he called "Granola." Then Charles W. Post got into the act with a similar formula known as "Grape Nuts."The popularity of granola soon waned, to be revived nearly 100 years later along with a renewed interest in wholegrain food. That's when we dished out fifty bucks for baking equipment and a secret granola recipe. Today, Sweet Home Farm offers simple wholesome goodness in delicious traditional granola in a variety of flavors. Try them all! At Sweet Home Farm, we are dedicated to bringing you down-home baked goodness at a great value.For over two decades, we've been making our simply delicious granola with only the finest whole grains, fruits, nuts, and simple sweeteners. Our ingredients are grown and made without GMOs, and never have preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial colors. Then we pack as much goodness as we can into our signature "milk carton" package.So go ahead, grab a carton and feel good about bringing our honestly good, delicious granola into your home. Great as a Snack Down-Home, Baked Goodness!