Pastene Tomatoes Ground Peeled

Pastene® Ground Peeled Tomatoes. Packed from fresh tomatoes. Not from concentrate. 'Kitchen ready'. A tradition of quality since 1874. Pastene "kitchen ready" tomatoes: Pastene "kitchen ready" tomatoes are 100% packed from fresh tomatoes, not from concentrate! Many canned tomatoes are packed in a process where water is added to bulk tomato concentrate (a.k.a. remanufactured tomatoes). On their ingredient labels you will see "water" and "concentrate" listed. Pastene "kitchen ready" tomatoes are always packed from vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, canned as soon as the ripe tomatoes come in from the field. This fresh-pack method results in the best, most flavorful canned tomatoes available. For over 50 years, Pastene "kitchen ready" tomatoes have represented the highest quality in canned tomatoes. We are committed to keeping Pastene "kitchen ready" tomatoes the quality leader. Thank you for using our product! Pastene pure. Chef's Choice™. Preferred by chefs: Sweet and flavorful, Pastene kitchen ready ground peeled tomatoes are ideally suited for preparing sauces, soups and stews. Their fragrant tomato aroma will make your omelets, gravies and casserole dishes more appetizing. Gluten free. Visit us at